For some reason, people in California love to tell others how brave they are for their choices. Such as adopting a mixed-race child. But what happens when someone says you’re not allowed to do that?

June 7, 2019

Ami Urban

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It’s no secret that Berkeley and Portland are hot-beds of Antifa activity. And when I say “activity,” I mean violent protests in the name of anti-fascism. Innocent people have had their cars vandalized because they want to drive down a certain road. People incorrectly deemed “Nazis” who’ve been attacked when they refused to “show their papers” proving they’re Jewish.

But the San Francisco Bay Area is another story entirely (I know Berkeley is in the area, but they don’t count right now). For some reason, people out here love to tell others how brave they are for their choices. Such as adopting a mixed-race child.

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Check out the other side of that. “Say something disparaging.” How in the world could someone say something horrible about adopting a child in need? Lucky for you, I recently had a run-in with a former high school classmate that ended in one of these reprehensible conversations.

Let’s start with her post.













Now, I know I don’t need to tell you that the Alabama law still allows for medically-necessary abortions. They also don’t hold the woman responsible if she does have one performed after six weeks. A cursory Google search led me to the actual text of the bill. First link, might I add. And on the very first page, these things are outlined clearly.

But God forbid you try and gently correct someone.













Yup. That’s exactly what she’s telling me while trying to say that’s not her point. I wasn’t born yesterday. As a matter of fact, we were both born the same year. In the same town. A town, might I add, that’s affluent and spoiled.

And you can’t fool me. We went to school together. Cops didn’t get on your back because you were black. Cops got on your back because you skipped school and caused trouble.

Once I was done with the conversation and told her she’d valiantly silenced me, she put me on blast.

Good to see we haven’t left high school after all these years…















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I expressed to this person that she had other options aside from abortion. After asking what those options were, she went on to explain that she was suicidal and scared (none of which matters in this instance). The option I gave her was that I would take her baby. I’ll give you a second to think about what her response was.

Time’s up.

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Also nice to know that you don’t give a shit about the baby until after its born. The second you decide to get rid of that baby is the second you stop being a mother. And you don’t get to worry about what happens to that little baby when you don’t even care about saving its life.


This is becoming an increasingly stupid narrative that’s only pushing us further away from each other. America isn’t a melting pot or a soup where everything goes in and tastes the same. It’s a salad bowl, where every piece is individual and adds to the entire dish. You don’t get to pick and choose like eugenics. You don’t get to tell me what I can and can’t do.

So, go ahead, girl. Have your abortion and I’ll be the only one mourning for the life lost.

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Aside from this being littered with typos and having that r/ihadastroke vibe, is this girl tellin’ me I can’t raise a black baby?

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