POPSUGAR Completely Glosses Over Pedophilia in New Article

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

In this edition of #ToxicRationality, we talk about left-leaning media outlet POPSUGAR and how they decided pedophilia was just a part of life. No big deal. Just take a look at this.

I mean, we all know it wasn't the age difference that was the scandal back then. It was the fact that Elvis started pursuing Priscilla when she was fourteen and he was twenty-four. So, what does POPSUGAR say about that?

That's it. That's literally it.

They didn't marry until she was 22. Does that make it any better?

In an age where we protect children in Hollywood from creeps like Dan Schneider, protect women from men like Harvey Weinstein, why the hell are we okay with grown people dating minors? This is grooming. Plain and simple. When a teacher does it to a student, there's no question of legality. At fourteen, how many of us knew what we were doing? We had nothing figured out at that point.




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