Feb 19, 2019

Ami Urban


Am I the only one who practices her Emmy speech in the shower? Yes? Hoo, boy. Um, well, anyway, I can put that speech to good use now since I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! And I’m so humbled!

Thank you, Chevy Takes the Mic for nominating me. Your hair is fantastic, my dear! I love it. And I love your freaking blog! Seriously, I have a thing for nice voices too and I’m still cracking up at your “Nappily Ever After” post. Keep on making me smile, girl!

Anyway, back to my post. For this award, I’m supposed to tell you all seven facts about me. I feel like I’m the most boring person I know (also the funniest), but I’ve had a few people tell me I have crazy stories. So, here goes!

































So now you know seven things about me that maybe you didn’t before. Now, I’m going to nominate fifteen other bloggers for this award. Happy writing!




"What’s next?” Why does the answer seem far away when the success that they want for you is what you want too? Sugi Says was born in response to this question, because I truly don’t know what comes next for me, but I would like to. So, while I can’t give you the answers to the existential questions in life, I hope that this blog helps you maneuver through whatever hurdles brought you here. 

Lifestyle Blogger



Hi everyone, my name is Kieren! Join me on my weight loss journey as I document it day by day. Every high and every low! on a budget!

Weight Loss Blogger



Overdosed on caffeine, loves rock music & writes about stuff. trying to figure out what I want from life, but don't we all?




Hello Everyone ! I'm a Risk Analytics and Business Intelligence professional, but primarily a Seeker sharing this huge rock in space we call Earth. Seeking becomes a joy when you open your mind to varied perceptions. I'm here to share and exchange these perceptions in hopes of attaining that ultimate Utopia.

Risk Analytics



I created Women Undefined, because no two women are alike, therefore we are all undefined. (See what I did there) This blog was created to help other women gain, and regain confidence in themselves, believe that they can achieve all their dreams and aspirations, and provide them with the right motivation, when they need it the most, which will help them become the very best version of themselves possible!

Lifestyle Blogger



Exquisitely describes something or someone as “extraordinarily admirable”.  I am on a conquest to live my best life, even if it means being bougie on a budget while living happily. Living “Exquisitely” doesn’t have to involve owning a Lamborghini Aventador, even though owning one would still be nice.

Travel Blogger



I’m Lindsey and I am the creator of Cozy Stylist. I am a twenty-something girl from Eastern Pennsylvania who lives in a cute apartment with my boyfriend and two cats. I never really expected to become a blogger and actually enjoy it as much as I do, but every day I wake up excited to work on it.

Lifestyle Blogger



Hello and welcome. My name is Jay otherwise known as The BeardedIgor. any business emails send to: jaycator@hotmail.co.uk




I share educational information on business related topics, social media marketing, blogging, Internet Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and general life topics with people from all walks of life. My major area of focus is helping other bloggers with tips on how to be better bloggers and succeed at Internet Marketing.

Business Blogging



I spent 17 years as a Digital Marketer in the IT industry working for the world’s largest Tech Corporations, IBM and Microsoft. But writing has always been in my blood and I am now bidding farewell to the Tech Industry and saying hello to the Charity Sector and letting my passion for writing take me on a new journey through life.

Mental Health Blogger



Who am I? A 20 something living and working in Luxembourg, blogging about things I am obsessed about, mainly travel, beauty and fashion. These are my fuel, together with coffee in all its forms. Welcome to my visual diary! If you are interested in collaborating, just shoot me an email!

Lifestyle Blogger



My name is Roger Petersen. This is a personal blog reflecting my thoughts, opinions, emotions, and experiences in the hope of building a community based on our shared common humanity; to serve as a reminder that we are not alone, that our shared struggles and suffering bind us rather than divide us.

Mental Health Blogger



There is always that time when we sit with ourselves to think of our plans, and what we need and I used to do it almost every time and every day because I'm sure there will be always something better and an improvement even if it's good or perfect. We can't settle for what we are not when there is something else out there that waiting for us to go get it and be in an even better position and this always has been my role in my life.

Lifestyle Blogger



She’s the razzle to my dazzle, I’m the yin to her yang, and we are two besties who are just trying to make the best out of this thing that we call life. We’re Jessica and Raynita, two adventurous, yoga loving, healthy eating go-getters, who became soul sisters during the summer of 2004. 

Lifestyle Bloggers



Hi guys I’m Jen and this blog is all about  beauty, lifestyle and occasional Mental Health. I love all things make up and traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures. There is a range of different posts on this blog from new make up to my struggles with my own mental health.

Lifestyle Blogger



Am I the only one who practices her Emmy speech in the shower? Yes? Hoo, boy. Um, well, anyway, I can put that speech to good use now since I’ve been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award! And I’m so humbled!


I started reading when I was three.

I don’t remember much of this, but my parents tell me I picked up my first book and learned to read at three. What I do remember from that time is my first day of Kindergarten and none of the other kids knowing how to read yet. I thought I had super powers!


I wrote my first story at seven.

When I was in first grade, I wrote a story about a dinosaur who had no friends. The only problem was…the book was one page long. When I brought it in to show it off, my teacher said, “It’s not done!” So, she gave the class a free day to help me flesh out the story. In the end, we had a fully bound book that I took home with me!


I’m a domestic abuse survivor.

Whoa, this got dark. But it’s true. I survived five years with someone who mentally, emotionally and physically abused me. Now, I’m far removed from that situation and looking to help any other survivors.


I love food.

No joke. I want to eat at one of Hell’s Kitchens. I love restaurants and going out to eat. It’s such an experience and releases all those endorphins!


I’ve got a degree in Visual Communications.

What’s that mean? It means I can code a website or design your new logo. I even do my own book covers! Which is probably part of the reason they don’t sell!


I’ve been to 100+ concerts.

AC/DC, Ozzy, Filter, Blue October, AFI, Eve 6, Slipknot…I could keep going. Festivals, arenas or clubs, I’m game to go anywhere to see that band! I’m even going to see Panic! At The Disco tonight.


I used to be a paranormal investigator.

You read that right. I used to hunt ghosts in strange peoples’ houses in the middle of the night. I even got to investigate the Brookdale Lodge – famous for its little girl ghost. Did I find anything? Well, that’s a blog post for another time.