Apr 27, 2019

Ami Urban

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Yesterday, I came across a post on Reddit about a college professor in Connecticut that said:


That’s a huge assumption. For instance, my family wasn’t even in America until slavery had ended. My family never owned slaves. Ever. But I’m white, so I guess I unknowingly collude with white supremacy.

Does white privilege even exist?

First, let’s let Wikipedia define it for us.

White privilege

The societal privilege that some countries benefit white people over non-white people.

Well, we know that kind of racism is prevalent in places like South Africa and Indonesia. In other third-world countries, Caucasians can get away with much larger crimes than natives. This is typically due to, as Ilhan Omar puts it, the Benjamins.

In a place like America, where we have freedom of speech, freedom to apply to any job we want and the lack of a cap on earnings, it’s hard to measure white privilege.

This used to be such a nice place

Unless you talk to Reddit. Because according to some of the self-proclaimed liberals (more on that later), white privilege is alive and well in America. And it’s all over the place.

According to this user’s source, black people are incarcerated at a much higher rate than white people. Police in the United States target African Americans specifically because they’re racist. Or because the archaic laws of America itself are geared toward white people somehow.

If this is true, it’s awful. It shouldn’t exist. Everyone should be treated equally. Fortunately, it’s a complete fabrication.

The proof is in the FBI’s pudding

According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 2016, 881,885 white people were arrested for drug abuse violations. However, only 332,131 black or African Americans were arrested for the same charges.

Okay, but maybe black people get incarcerated at a higher rate because white people just get let off the hook.



































Not quite…

Kinda negates that whole argument, doesn’t it?

Your skin color isn’t an additional obstacle
















I don’t have much to say about this except I’ve been called a “dumb white bitch” plenty of times. My partner and I are a minority in the town where we live. He’s been called a Nazi, a gaslighter, etc. I’ve been called a Nazi sympathizer and accused of saying racist things. All because I don’t denounce our president every chance I get.

Won’t someone please think of the children?

Get a load of this chart of college admissions practices.


Harvard’s own internal investigation proved they were making it more difficult for Asians and white people to get in. Plus, they were giving higher scores to blacks and hispanics. The above user had an answer for that as well.

I know I don’t need to tell you that this, “I think Harvard, and many schools like it, receive thousands and thousands of applications with near perfect GPAs and test scores, and people from underrepresented groups are then considered higher, race just being one of the ways that they can be underrepresented,” is insanely illegal in the United States. Yes, we have affirmative action, but how are you supposed to prove that you’ve been systematically oppressed by people in positions of power? Maybe you’re underrepresented because of the choices you’ve made.

God forbid you tell the truth

I loved this little nugget.

Boy, do I relate to this user. And yet, instead of the normally casual and apologetic response, they received some hate.

Nope. Not censoring that name. Why? Because it’s ironic. I’d posit that you’re a racist for only liking Asian women.

Buzzwords hurt my brain

Maybe I haven’t changed anyone’s mind on whether or not white privilege is even a thing. But we can’t deny that all these users defending the term tend to use the same words over and over.











Can we all just treat each other like we’re all part of the human race? I mean, with all these people talking about white privilege and how white people have it better in the US, it all sounds like white supremacy to me.


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Federal Bureau of Prisons







Source: Reddit.com

Source: Reddit.com

All self-identified white people (no exceptions) are invested in and collude with systemic white racism/white supremacy.


-Johnny Eric Williams


Does white privilege even exist? Some users on Reddit certainly think it’s alive and well in today’s political and social atmosphere.