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September 6, 2018

Get ready for another mind-bending horror/thriller starring yours truly (Jack Reynolds)! 

And even though my left knee is giving out, I’m still the master of my trusty sawed-off, Beatrice. Any Biter that comes our way won’t know what hit ‘em! Except…Biters aren’t what I have to worry about anymore. Not only has my wife, Lisa, gone back to being a busy ER doctor, but she has a new coworker. And this guy is…well…he’s pretty. And smart. And hilarious. Everybody loves him. Maybe even my own wife.

All I know is that if I don’t get some serious pain relief soon, I may lose my mind completely. 



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January 7, 2014

Life after death has way too many disadvantages.

Katie's recent trip to the beyond and back again has left holes in her memory. Sent back to help high school student Serena complete an unfinished task on Earth so she can pass on when she dies, Katie must first figure out exactly what that task is. Someone conveniently forgot to tell her. And those holes in her memory suddenly become a real liability when the soul-stealing wraiths show up along with blond, tall, and mysterious Martin, who seems to know a lot about Katie's missing past.

Somehow Katie has to help Serena, keep them both safe from the wraiths and figure our what the heck is going time.





August 7, 2013

It's 1752 in flourishing Philadelphia—a time of great promise for young people. But Martin Krane is brooding in a seedy bar. Distressed by his younger sister's pneumonia, he can think of nothing he wouldn't give to keep Claudia alive. An odd stranger next to him claims to have a “cure for death.” Martin soon discovers that this cure requires a terrible swap—his soul in exchange for his sister's health.





August 6, 2016

You look like the type who would just kill for a random adventure. You’ll have to be the third wheel, though, because we wouldn’t want you getting eaten by the unholiest of creatures. 


See, a mutated strain of rabies has spread, leaving guts and grime in its wake. My companion, Lisa James, isn't just a super-hot doctor, but she's what I'd call “logical.” Like Vulcan philosophy logical. 


Everybody says I could’ve been a model, but fuck that noise. I’d never trade being a mechanic for anything. And I refuse to spend my life with the ghost of my dead best friend. He’s terrible at beer pong. Guess I’ll just protect Lisa and her autistic kid from those overgrown teethers. 


I’ve got skills and Lisa’s got brains. We need to work together. Like the A-Team. Only hotter.



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August 7, 2013

Katie has thirty days to accomplish everything she’s ever wanted to do. Before she dies. Again. 

After a fatal car accident, sixteen-year-old Katie discovers that just like high school, the afterlife is one big popularity contest. Yet again she’s left out of the equation because everybody else has achieved some kind of “life goal” and moved on to a higher plane. But Katie hasn’t, so she’s given thirty more days to get it right. At least she’s got adorable afterlifer Martin to help her with—or distract her from—her Life List. 

But when an evil Irish wraith promises Katie’s parents will suffer after her death, her task of living fast and hard becomes entangled with a terrible choice: save her parents and end up as the next hot item on the alter-dimensional black market, or save her own soul. Time is running out...